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Enjoy Being You!

Heart Centred 

Deep Teachings A joyful Way


Hello, My name is Ebba 35 years old from Sweden living close to Wanstead, East London with my partner & 2 kids. I often get the question, what kind of yoga do you teach? I always scratch my head, because it's a VERY VALID question, I never nailed the  answear! 

Truth is it's constantly changing, evolving, expanding, returning back... Yoga, movement, breath, meditation, deep rest, dance, music, chanting, soundhealing, joy & laughter is my love language, I been exploring & teaching since 2012. You will find my classes are a heavenly mix of all this magical ingredients. Lead from my heart.

  • Hatha yoga 200 h, Dharamsala

  • Astanga Yoga 300 h, Goa 

  • AyurvedicMassage 100h, Mysore 

  • Mat Pilates, Online 

  • Pregnancy Yoga 50 h, Real Flow Yoga 

  • Prana Vinyasa 100h, Shiva Rea 

  • Breathwork (pranayama), Online 

  • I runned 20+ retreats in places like Ibiza, Thailand, Sardinia, Morocco, Sweden 

  • I founded “Women’s Temple” organising wellness events 

  • Stretch Therapy 100 h, The stretch Experience 

  • I own a collection of healing instruments, crystal sound bowls, shruttibox & shamanic drums. I love to incorporate sound in my classes. 

  • Postnatal Training 20h, Fix London 

  • Forest 🌳 School Teacher Training, ongoing. 

  • Attended many retreats, workshops & ceremonies all over the world, never STOP being a student. 

The last few years I have developed into holding sacred space & ceremonies. I didn't plan to go down "THE PRIESTESS" path it just naturally happened  I developed "WOMEN'S TEMPLE" a place where women can explore, learn, come togheter, share, sing & shake thier wild hips FREE! 

For 10 + years I hosted 25+  LIFE TRANSFORMATIVE RETREATS in places like Ibiza, Sardinia, Morocco, Sweden, Thailand, India, Almeria, Uk & Sweden. Retreats is like the ultimate combo of teaching yoga, ceremonies, meeting beautiful people, travelling & eating amazing food in stunning locations. 

I am also a Ayurvedic Massage, Stretch Therapist, Forest School Teacher, Content Creator for Social Media & I am a green WITCH and garden geek, trying to grow my food & be a Swedish Farmer in London... Yes I know... It's a lot.. Did I mention I have 2 kids aswell? But tha't how I like it, following my femnine flow & passion. 

My intention is always to bring you back HOME to yourself, merge you with nature, feeling a little lighter,  & see the world slightly better place. 


I hope we meet soon 



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