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Ebba Nalini Aditi

Mother, Yoga Teacher & Healer 

"My Yoga journey started with a travel to India... Then my biggest adventure of my life began. Yoga shooked me to the core and changed my whole idea of life. I want to share that experience with others and guide them to their true inner selfs...The way HOME..."


 Hello, my name is Ebba I am Swedish but live with my two kids & man in East London. I use to feel very much like an outsider and that this western lifestyle of study, get a good job, work, work, work, buy a house, car, dog etc, etc wasn't for me. I didn't know then but I felt a big urge to find out if life could be more than that... I quite school, earned money as a forklift driver in Norway & travelled the world almost a decade to find the answers ... That later I discovered was within me the whole time... But it's all about the journey in the end, right? 

I struggled  many years wondering why I couldn't be normal and happy like everyone else? I and was a bit of a rebellious troubled teenager and suffering with in-somnia, anxiety and eating disorders.

Like with so many others yoga helped me to heal and be able to deal with life in a more for sustainable way.

My passion is to help others to open up themselves and discover the infinite source of wisdom, love and light we all have inside. To show them the way HOME. 

I use many different styles and techniques in my classes. It’s my own unique composition of breath-work, meditation, visualization, mantras, dance, music, tantra, martial arts, rhythmic vinyasa, kundalini, yoga Nidra and yin yoga.

I am not afraid to mix and do my own interpretation of different schools of yoga, however it’s important for me stay authentic and rooted to the original source of these diffrent schools. 

Some of the teachers that inspired me is Shiva Rea, Ashley Albrand, Meghan Currie, Anna forest, Ahjan Brahm and Carolyn Cowen. Probably my most important teacher tough is NATURE!

I have a 200 hour TTC Hatha Yoga from Yoga Vidya, Himalaya and a 300 hour TTC Vinyasa Yoga from Kranti Yoga, Goa. I am also a trained Pregnancy/Postnatal Yoga teacher with @realflowyoga.

Besides yoga teachertreainings I am a dedicated meditation, dance, matrial art and tantra practitioner and done many courses/workshops/retreats. I constantly try to continue my education which I believe is a life long journey. 

2017 I moved to London,  where I have my base and live together with my partner Ben and my son Wolf Baptiste and daughter Astrid. I teach yoga classes in London and organise events in my home in linage with womens health that is something I burn a little extra for! WOMEN'S TEMPLE However, I still see myself as a “world citizen” and organise retreats all over the world. I also aim to open my own retreat center during the summers in Sweden outside my hometown Växjö. READ MORE HERE.

lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu
Ebba Nalini Aditi

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