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25-27 OF 


Welcome Home

 During this summer day deep in a magical swedish forest surrounded by lakes & nature we like to WELCOME YOU to REWILD, strip back all your layers & come back to your ESSENCE.  

We will remind you how to harvest YOUR STENGHT & COURAGE. How to dance with the drumbeat to your own heart. Reremember how to LISTEN & SOFTEN in to the loving arms od MOTHER EARTH.

With sacred yoga practices we will teach you how to move like a serpent queen of creation & manifestation, to feel magnetic & radiant, to bravely lead with your HEART and your INTUTION, to let your WILDNESS SHINE,  roar like a lion and get reminded by your own POWER. To feel the healing energy that happen when we GATHER. Together. 

We Welcome You Home to yourself!

X Ebba & Ghita


You will Experience

~ Welcome Circle & Smudge Ceremony.

Welcome Tea, presentation, meditation, setting an intention & create sacred space.

~ SOUL Yin Yoga with Ghita

Deep restorative yoga class, to connect with yourself and "land" in the present moment & your body. With slow movement we open up  & create a safe space for you to feel yourself & nourish your soul. 

Deeply Relaxing 90 min. 

~ Vegan Nutritious Food  

In the morning, brunch buffe, afternoon snack & in the evening we will cook delcious meals over the fire. 

~ 1 hour Sit Spot in Nature

Go for a WONDER in silence, find a "sit spot" in nature and just emerge yourself in the wild or journal anything that comes up.  

~ Sacred Selfcare Water Ritual

We will show you with home-made witchy beauty tips to make everyone feel like a radiant being. We will also do a purifying Water Ritual in the lake. After we  serve a delicious raw cake & Tea. 

~ Rewilderig Yoga with Ebba 

An explorative session with somatic movement, using our intuition to unleash creative  life force energy & fierce source power! Breath work, somatic movement, dance & Relaxation. 90min.

- ReRoot Kriya Yoga with Ghita

Grounding and realigning based on ancient Indian teachings, you will explore the foundations & power of realigning. Aswell as cleansing kriyas. Finish with guided meditation. 

- Fire Cremony

Burn up what NO LONGER SERVE YOU we will clear & cleanse your path with a powerful fire ceremony. Drumming & Singing!

- Magical island WARRIOR KUNDALINI

We will take a short boat trip to a magical island where we will do a POWERFUL Viking warrior Kundalini session & swim from the rocks, LIFE TIME MEMORY!

-Yoga Nidra & Sound Scape

Ghita will guide you DEEP into RELEASE stress & tension with her grounding energy, Ebba will accompany with Tibetan Soundscape. 

~ Cacao Ceremony  

We finish this magical day by gather by the fire, like we have done for thousands of years, listening, beeing heard and seen in sister sharing circle. We will also serve plant medicine Cacao that is a natural heart opener, helping us to soften deeper into our hearts. Song & Drum!

- Rewildering Off The Grid Experience 

A big part of this retreat is to go back to basic, learn how to make up fires, get involved in cooking in nature, live without phone, electricity & running water. 

Please know that everything we offer is an invitation there is NO DEMANDS or expectations and you participate in the way you  feel for.


Your Guides


Ebba Nalini Aditi


This place is Ebba's Roots and true home. Born in Sweden but later became a Yogini Nomad that now lives in London. She is a Yoga Teacher & Healer. She's trained  over 800 h TTC in many school's of yoga and love to bring elements of shamanism and music, sound healing & dance into her classes. She also studied to Forrest School Teacher and love the medicine of Nature.


She is very passionate about women's health and see it as one of her most important call; to gather women and help them heal. In London she runs monthly Women's Circles and & creates Wellness Events/retreats. 

She also offers Ayurvedic massage & Stretch therapy. 

Ebba believes in JOY!

Ghita Kogi Larsen


Ghita is a dedicated yogini from Denmark, who has practiced yoga and meditation for 12 years. She have over 600 hours yoga teacher training and been teaching yoga since 2012. She specialise in Yogic Therapy. Working with simple ancient methods to untangle the mind and land in the heart. 


"I teach from my heart, with love and compassion and a little humor."


 For her yoga is a way of living . She practice yoga and meditation everyday and go to ashram in India every year to go deeper in her own practice. She also offer healing and healing massage.


The Wilderness Retreat

The Wilderness Retreat is located in the deep forest of Småland, 15 km north of Växjö. 


Here we are completely surrounded by nature, with no neighbors and located by the beautiful lake 'Innaren'. 

Here everything slows down, no electricity or running water. We do the dishes by hand and wash ourselves in the lake. Simple life!

It's like an antidote to our stressful lifestyle and a chance to strip back the layers and go back to basic. 

Getting Here

Drive: We give you exact address when you book.

Bus: 380 and a 15 min walk. 

Flights: From Stockholm Arlanda. Direct flights from London Stanstead! With Ryan air Friday 25 Aug arrival 10.55. Depature 27 Aug 16.40 We will give you FREE Shuttle from the airport. 

Trains: To Växjö (2 h Copenhagen) (3,5 h Stockholm) (2 h Gothenburg) . Possibly we can pick up from Växjö, please consult with us before booking. If you want to arrive a day before that's fine for a 350 :- extra cost including breakfast. 

"The Wilderness Retreat" is all about reconnecting with nature - and yourself...  

Photo 30-07-2022, 15 23 36.jpg

Community Spirit

We are living OFF THE GRID without electrity & running water, so we will ask everyone to clean thier plates, cuttlery & cup after each meal. Aswell as bringing it to the next meal! We will also ask you to gather dry wood in the forest & help with the fires. We Believe this will be a wonderful spice to the retreat. When you come home you will have a whole new outlook on life! 

Photo 30-07-2022, 17 09 08.jpg

Massage & Healing 

During the Retreat we will offer amazing Treatments to help you in your transformation & growth.

60 min 600:- (£ 48) 

~ Ayurvedic Massage Ebba

Abhyanga massage is a traditional Indian whole-body massage using warm oil. Oils are chosen according to your dosha-type (constitution). The massage is done in a soft rhythmic way combining deep stimulation on our vital points (marma-points) and relaxing long strokes. Deeply Relaxing

~ Stretch Therapy Ebba

With Special Release Technique Ebba helps you to release “hidden” tension and calm your nervous system. She will stretch you, all you do is to relax and let tension dissolve. You will feel relaxed & maybe a few centimeters taller after this treatment.

~ Healing Therapy Ghita

Ghita is a natural healer & highly intuitive sensitive light worker. She "see's" energy blockages and work with both verbal channeling and energy healing to help you release & heal. Can be combined with healing massage.


- Tarot Readings Kamilla

Kamilla fick sin första Tarot Deck when she was 10 years old. Since then she developed her natural gift of reading the cards. Combined with a background in self development & coaching she will help you see things from a clearer perspective. 


Retreat Program


  • Arrival around 11, Check in 

  • 12.00 Welcome Lunch 

  • 14.00 Re Root Hatha Yoga with Ghita 

  • Free Time for treatments, walks, relax by the lake

  • Fire Ceremony, Tarot Readings & Opening Circle

  • YOGA NIDRA with Soundscape


  • 8.00 Meditation by the lake

  • 8.30 Energy Chia Pott & Tea 

  • 9.30 1 h Rewildering Yoga withEbba  

  • 11.30 Big Delicious Brunch 

  • 1 h Sit Spot in Nature 

  • Free Time for Treatments, walks & Swims in the Lake

  • 16.00 Sacred Self Care Ritual 

  • 17.00 SOUL YIN YOGA & YOGA NIDRA with Ghita 

  • 18.00 Dinner 



  • 9.00 Breakfast & Tea 

  • 9.30 Excursion to Magical Island where we do WARRIOR KUNDALINI, swim & Relax!

  • 12.30 LUNCH

  • Free Time for Treatments 

  • 15.00 Transfer to Växjö


Free To 
Be You


Rewildering Retreat

Including, All Yoga & Ceremonies, Accommodation, Vegetarian Food,  Transfer from Växjö.



Arrival 9.30, finishes 9 PM. Yoga & Ceremonies, Vegeterian Food.  No Transfer included.


999 SEK

£ 75

Terms & Conditions

PAY 50 % Deposit to secure your space. Rest of Payment before Retreat

50 Pound Admin fee up to 90 days before booking, 80% refund up to 60 days before booking.

50% refund up to 30 days before booking, 20% refund up to 14 days before booking.

In the unlikely event, we (Ghita & Ebba) cancel the retreat we will refund 100% of the retreat fee. We will not refund train/ flight ticket or other costs.

* Yoga will be taught in English
** Treatments are not included



Rewild Retreat


Inquires & Questions 

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