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I Would be honoured...

To be a part of your journey into motherhood. 

Pregnancy & Motherhood is probably one of the biggest roller coaster rides of a life time. There is a ton of changes we go through during pregnancy, all excitement, worry, ultrasounds, birth preparation, your body, relationships, work, nesting, hormones, mind and another spirit coming through! Wow! We are all different some women feel the sexiest, feminine goddess-like they ever felt and some feel like they are going through a 9 months hangover to a party they never went to… Whatever the case, I great you into my pregnancy classes, a warm soft bubble of feminine energy where we can nourish ourselves and connect with our growing babies.

My pregnancy classes are often built up like this:

  • Arrive into the space of HERE & NOW. Set intention for the class. Check in with the baby.

  • Sharing with fellow mama’s how everyone is feeling this week, Ups & Downs

  • Warm ups including strength building exercises (Pilates-inspired)

  • Flow Yoga Sequence with different theme every time

  • Winddown; stretch out/mantra/birth preparation breath

  • Yoga Nidra, Total body relaxation




If you struggle with Sciatica, nausea, lower back pain, fatigue or any other lovely pregnancy “side effects” please feel free to still come to my classes, I will tailor it so everyone feel comfortable. Of course, if it’s anything medical consult your GP/midwife first.

Prenatal Yoga Online 

Postnatal Yoga

And now what?

You had your baby, your whole world has changed for forever. Your body have accomplished something extraordinary! However as much you can admire your creation the first steps into motherhood is likely to be challenging. No matter how many books you have read it’s something hard to prepare for! This is where Mum & Baby Yoga come in handy… Supportive platform for new mums where we through the practice of yoga can SUPPORT & RESTORE in a safe space. Restore our body’s, bound with our babies, and SHARE our experiences with other mothers… Perhaps even form new friendships. My Mum & Baby Sessions often look like this:


  • Sensory set up for the babies, toys to explore in the middle of our circle or for the younger ones stay close to mummy on the mat.

  • Sharing circle where we sometimes also discuss topics around motherhood

  • Pelvic floor & Core Strengthening exercises

  • Upper back, neck & shoulder release divine after many hours of breastfeeding/carrying baby

  • 10 min Baby Massage

  • Mum & Baby Relaxation

  • Tea & Biscuits if you like to stay for a while after the class


  • You can start Mum & Baby Yoga 6 weeks after delivery 

  • Baby led class you are free to breastfeed, change nappy etc. 

  • Don't feel you have to leave if your baby cries we all know they do from time to time NO STRESS!

  • Class is suitable until baby is walking 

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