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Selfcare is Selflove

One-to-ONE Yoga Sessions

Treat Yourself

ONE-TO-ONE Yoga is a real treat where I tailor everything to benefit YOU as much as possible.

I also give you assisted stretching a short healing/massage and give you tools and practices to bring home to the next time we see each other. A real gift of selfcare!

I have with good results helped people with body pain, insomnia, depression, low confidence, fatigue, eating disorders, motivation, and spiritual growth.  

We spend a lot of money on our looks outside but little on our inside. In our western lifestyle with all pressure and demands about career, success and looks it is easy to forget our true inner being, our natural state of mind, maybe some private sessions can help you to"kickstart" your inner journey and healing path. It would be a true pleasure if some of my yoga knowledge could help you to make a new step to a healthy happy life. 


Ayurvedic Abhyanga Massage 

Abhyanga massage is a traditional Indian whole-body massage using warm oil. Oils are chosen according to your dosha-type (constitution). The massage is done in a soft rhythmic way combining deep stimulation on our vital points (marma-points) and relaxing long strokes. 

It is a deeply relaxing, rejuvenating experience as well as a treatment in certain illness. The benefits Abhyanga massage include increased circulation, nourishment of the tissues, improved skin texture, lubrication of joints, provides better sleep and better physical stability. It also works on our lymph-system helping us to eliminate toxins from both mind and body. 


When I first got in contact with Ayurvedic massage I found it to be a very different experience than any massage I tried before... To be completely covered in oil from head to toe gave me a sensation of being deeply nourished. I could also feel the benefits right away! My whole body felt vital and I got a lot of energy, but my mind was calm, my sleep deeper AND I could notice a detox effect... 


I did my training in Abhyanga Ayurvedic Massage in Mysore, India and it was a wonderful experience! I am happy to now offer this ancient healing massage to the western world but kept in a traditional Indian way. 


//Ebba, Happy Soul Yoga  


Ebba is the best yoga teacher I've ever had. I went to her "Deep blue sea retreat" in May 2016 and it was magical. With love and great dedication she took care of everyone in the group - from beginners to advanced yogis. Namaste❤️ // Maria Drugge 

Eba is mindfull, full of life and sharing inspiration teacher! Will be happy to join more of their retreats in time to come.... Rada Drobnjak 

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