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Let us recharge your body, spirit & mind. Nurture yourself with Nature & Adventure. Stay in a magical yurt, caravan or tent, surrounded by panoramic views. Meditate in the Wild. Enjoy Yoga in stunning locations & beautiful Yoga barn. Enjoy excursions to un spoiled beach and Goliath falls.Get adventurous on mountain e-bikes. Eat home-grown high nutrient soul food. Detox with Juices. Experience Fire Cacao Ceremony & wood fired hot tub under the stars. We take you Back to basics, peel of the layers and make you feel grounded, connected and ALIVE!          

Do you crave Nature? A  unforgettable adventure? Feeling your best?



Perfect for you who like an experience as well as a yoga retreat. Truly reconnect with yourself & with nature. We aim to fill you up with new energy &  renew the spark in your eyes. 


~Mornings in silence 

~ Meditations in the Wild

~ Over 8 hrs Amazing Guided Classes in our cozy yoga barn & stunning Wild locations.

~ Bonfire Gatherings under the stars

~ Wood Fired Hot tub in nature.

~ Cacao Ceremony & Fire Dance Show

~ Magical Nature walks 

~ English rainforest & waterfall excursion

~ Sound Healing

~ Home-Grown Soul Food 

~ Wild swim in the sea 

~ Kundalini Yoga on a unspoiled beach. 

~ Living Simple but comfortable life close to nature

~ Book a treatment to loosen up tight muscles with a luxurious Treatment with one of our amazing therapists.

~ Knowledge & practices to bring back home. 


There is also loads of time to relax & enjoy the beautiful nature. Read a book in a hammock surrounded by an abundance of lush apple trees, wild berry’s & a meadow of hills and flowering fields. Or just roll out a yoga mat and just BE… 





~ 14.00 Welcome Juice

~ 14.30 Yoga Workshop; refresh your sun salutations, ujjayi breath & bandhas

~ 16.00 Welcome Nibbles

~ 17.00 Check in and get settled 

~ 18.00 Embodied Yin & Sound Healing

~ 19.00 Soul food Dinner 

~ 20.00 We will gather around a bon fire for an Opening ceremony. Drink ceremonial cacao & set an intention for the retreat. 



~ 07.30 Wild Nature Meditation, 30 min

~ Delicious smoothie to keep the energy up

~ 08.00 Vinyasa Flow

~ After Yoga Glow Juice

~ 10.30 Big Brunch, buffet style packed with nutrient food. 

~ Time to relax, read a book in a hammock or book a treatment.  

~ 14.00 Ginger shots & Snacks 

~ 14.30-6.30 We head towards the beach! A 20 min conscious walk through magical nature to a unspoiled  beach. Kundalini & Breath Work finish with a water cleansing ritual. Possibility for a Swim for those who feel the call! 

~ 7.30 BIG BBQ feast and Wood-fired hot tub under the stars. There be music and fire dancing! Let’s celebrate! 



~ Energy Smoothie

~ 09.00 Vinyasa Yoga & Yoga Nidra

~ After Yoga Glow Juice

~ 11.30 Big Brunch

~ 13.00 Excursion to 'Golitha's Rainforest & Waterfalls' 

~ Blissful Treats & Closing ceremony in the wild. 

~ 14.30 Time for a massage, go on a bike ride or just BE in nature.

~ 18.30 Yin & Sound Healing 

~ 20.00 Dinner & Bonfire!



~ 08.00 Wild Nature Meditation & Gentle Stretch

~ 09.00 Breakfast & Fresh Juice 

~ CHECK OUT 10.30, Shuttle to train station. 



Please feel free to participate in what YOU want & know there are no obligations her, this is YOUR Retreat. 

EARLY CHECKOUT Sunday after Waterfall excursion is fine for thoose who need to be back for work Monday.



The farm’ is located (what seems on the drive here in the middle of nowhere) but actually only 15 min away from Liskeard train station. 3,5 h from Paddington station, London. Here a community of beautiful souls live close to nature growing most of what they consume. Inspiring and educational to witness their way of life.


In the stunning meadow of hills and flowering fields grows apple trees, berry’s, salads, herbs and vegetables. Cats playing in the sunshine, birds feeding and flying above, if you listen closely you might here the owl at night!


You can go for beautiful walks around the retreat land or explore further with one of our e-bikes. We suggest cycling to a near-by ancient stone circle and soaking in the grounding energy there. 


Here it's a different pace and way of life. Life is simple! Outdoor compost toilets, flushed with sawdust. One HOT shower room and one outdoor cold shower, for campers to share, brotherly and sisterly, back to basics... 


Going back to a more natural way of living help us to reconnect with ourselves and nature. The more we strip away, the more content we can feel with the simple beauty of being.


Closest Train station is Liskeard. We will supply one shuttle service to The Farm since finding it can be tricky! *We will only arrange ONE time for pick up & Drop off if you where to arrive a different time you have to organize your taxi by yourself.

Organic Vegetables



~Breakfast Energy Smoothie 
~ After Yoga Glow Juice
~ Big Brunch Buffet style packed with 
Health Shot + Afternoon Snack 
~ Heartwarming Dinner


In this retreat you will give your body a real re-charge using vegetables (as much as we can) growing around you! Packed with nutrients & goodness. Gluten-free & detoxifying vegetarian tasty food. Aswell as plenty of juices, smoothies & shots to feel detoxed and absolutely amazing when you leave! 

You can also enjoy natural nibbles of everything that grows here! 






She is a Yoga Teacher & Healer. She's trained  over 800 h TTC in many school's of yoga and love to bring elements of shamanism and music, sound healing & dance into her classes. She also studied to Forrest School Teacher and love the medicine of Nature. She lives in London where she teach & creates Wellness Events.

Ebba believes in JOY!



She is an adventurous travelling yogini with over a decade of experience in different schools of Yoga, Meditation, Dance and Healing. She trained and taught in India, Thailand, Bali & Africa in many styles of healing & Yoga.


She is also a performance artist (hula hoop & fire dancer) and lives her wild, adventurous, colourful life from her heart. 



Leigh is a qualified therapist trained in Swedish Oil, Reflexology, Aromatherapy & Reiki. "I allow harmonious spaces to be created for the body, mind & spirit. Intertwining a array of therapeutic techniques -weaving them together, creating a safe platform to heal."

£ 60 for 1 h Treatment.


Camping with Your own tent 

£ 295

Shared Magical Yurt with fire place

£ 375


~ 3 nights accommodation*  

~ Shuttle Service to Train station**

~ Fullboard healthy Vegetarian food 

~ Daily Meditation & Yoga classes 

~ Detoxifying Jucies, smoothies & shots

~ Water, herbal Tea & Coffee 

~ Sound Healing

~ Hot Tub under the stars

~Cacao Ceremony & Fire Dance Show

~ Excursion and magical walk to an unspoiled beach.

~ Excursion to "The English Rainforest & Waterfalls".

*If you need to be back for work Monday you can check out Sunday Afternoon. We can arrange drop off directly from excursion to train station. 

**We only provide ONE pick-up & Drop off time. If you arrive on different time, please organise your own taxi. 


~ Shuttle service from Liskeard with train arriving 13.38 (reserved for changes due to timetable of trains).  

~ Check in on arrival day is not until 17.00, see schedule. 

~ Bring loads of layers, be prepared for little chillier nights & English weather. 

~ Head Tourch

~ Bring your own beach towel 

~ Yoga Mat if you want your own. 

~ A Swim suit for the hot tube & beach .

~ Comfortable Walking shoes. 

~ A water bottle to re-fill. 

~ Possibility to check Sunday afternoon if you need to be back for work Monday.

~ Check Out Time Monday is latest 10.30 since we have to have time to prepare for new guests.

~ A little special item to put on the altar (you will of course get it back!)

~ A journal and pen if you like to write, to document and reflect on this magical experience



To Inquire & Book your Space, email Ebba


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