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How does A weekend of breathing fresh sea air, punching out anything that no longer serve you, learn mind-set tools, meditation, yoga on the beach sound? You will use Rituals & Ceremony to clear your path, receive healing sound vibrations, sweat it out in the sauna, relax in a jacuzzi, detox with amazing vegetarian food & juices, enjoy Elevating treatments in a luxurious villa walking distance from the beach... 

In this weekend retreat we aim for you to feel like a zen ninja warrior full of ease and ready to tackle anything life throws at you. A total replenishment of your energy bank, boost of your confidence & a new focused MINDSET.

Margate is the perfect getaway from London JUST 1h train ride away...


A boutique exclusive retreat experience with maximum 8 guests with KICK-Thai boxing, healer and mindset coach Sophs & Shamanic Yoga Teacher & healer Ebba.


Welcome to a special retreat that will give you a ton of inspiration and fire up your spirit 🔥 with NEW TOOLS to bring BACK HOME!




Shamanic Kundalini 
Muay Thai 
Wim Hof Method 

Assisted Stretching 
Yin Yoga  
Mind-set Workshop 
Sound Healing
High Vibrational Food
Detox Juice  

Cacao Ceremony 


Retreat Program


  • Arrive Quested House, Margate, 12.30, welcome juice, check in 

  • 13.30 KICK-Thai boxing fundamentals & assisted stretching 

  • Delicious nutritious Snacks  

  • Free time to do a treatment or just enjoy the facilities. 

  • Soft restorative flow, with deep relaxation & Sound healing 

  • Dinner 

  • Welcome Tea Ceremony Circle by the fire 


  • Morning Meditation  

  • Morning energy Smoothie 

  • Pilates warm up & KICK-Thai Box Training 

  • Big Brunch with Fresh detox juice 

  • Free time to enjoy jacuzzi/sauna/treatments/ beautiful walks

  • Departure to a beautiful beach  

  • Shamanic Kundalini inner warrior Yoga on the beach, finished with Wim Hot breath work and swim in the SEA (optional).   

  • Dinner 

  • Cacao Ceremony by the fire 

  • Yoga Nidra with Sound Scape  


  • Energy smoothie 

  • 7 min walk to the beach 

  • Morning meditation  

  • Yoga/ qigong warm up & Kick boxing

  • Big Brunch with fresh detox  

  • Workshop: inner warrior mindset & closing circle  

  • Check out and shuttle back to train station 14.00




Ebba Nalini Aditi 


Ebba is a Yoga Teacher & Healer. She's trained  over 800 h TTC in many school's of yoga and love to bring elements of shamanism, music, sound healing & dance into her classes. Her classes are known to be a "journey" weaving in different healing practices with modern yoga. She is also pilates teacher, massage & stretch therapist. Ebba is a nature creature, she studied to Forrest School Teacher and love the medicine of Nature. Connection with the earth is always present theme of her classes. She lives in London with her two children & partner, where she teach & creates Wellness Events.

Ebba believes in JOY!




Sophie, Muay Thai trainer, PT and lifestyle guru. With over 30 years of experience coaching mostly private clients a, from CEO’s to mothers, and corporate companies she is a respected well-known name in London and a Global Health and wellness speaker. Sophie is the creator of the KICK 4 minute round workout ´changing lives 4 minutes at a time with her training app. She inspires and motivates you to become the best version of you.

She helped many people with her mentorship through trauma, addiction, climbing the carrier ladder and motivated to live a healthier life. She says; ”never waist a crisis, a crisis happens because something needs to shift. This will hurt but with the KICK system by your side we have helped people to get through to the other side and be stronger.”

Photo 10-07-2022, 17 52 47 (1)_edited_edited.jpg


Located on the stunning South East Coast of Kent aka The garden of England. Easy to get to, only 1h 30 min train ride from central London. 


Set in the beautiful grounds on a private Estate and historical villa, the retreat offers an Oasis of calm 7 minutes walk from Westgate Beach. A stone throw away from the creative buzz of Margate this coast line offers some of the most idyllic beaches where we will take you to re-energise your souls.


The majestic beaches famous for their white rock and perfect sand Joss Bay and Botany bay are perfect for re-discovering self with stunning views and fresh sea air in your lungs. For that quick dip and drink at the local beach, St Mildred Bay is perfect for your down time and a lovely walk only 7 mins from the house. 


The house is a grand old house boasting an essence of charm with it’s stunning private drive way up to the house. You will instantly feel a million miles away and already at peace. 


With luscious lawns to lie on and plenty of inside and outside seating areas to chat on you will feel the space to relax on every level. The outside jacuzzi will be fun and sauna. 


There are 2 stunning living rooms for relaxing, hanging out and chatting and place to sneak off to so you can have some ME time. 


Margate is just under half an hour walk along the coastal pathway so you can go and check out those vintage shops and The Turner Gallery. 



Lots of room to park your cars.

Fall Salad


In this retreat our celebrated chef Toby Leigh  will make sure to elevate your tastebuds and deeply nourish you with locally sourced ingredients, delicious vegetarian food!


Toby Leigh started cooking over 20 years ago and since then he been cooking for many well known & renowned restaurants. He even had the honor to be a Michelin Star Guide reporter. 


Toby then came to Ramsgate because there were no restaurants of note and there is charm to Ramsgate. Age and Sons opened in 2008. Toby cooks for private dining parties and events and just loves how his art form and simplicity to cooking can aid ones health and lifestyle to us all lead a happier and healthier life. 

He loves to use seasonal local top quality indigence's and create a feast for all senses. 

Healthy Salad
Photo 10-07-2022, 17 48 20.jpg




  • Accommodation in historical private villa with jacuzzi & Sauna.  

  • High Quality Vegetarian food with Michelin Star Guide Chef Toby Leigh

  • Detox Juices

  • Free Water & Herbal Teas

  • Muay Thai Training

  • Yoga/Pilates/ Chi Gong & Meditation

  • Wim Hof Method 

  • Assisted Stretching

  • Sound Healing

  • Excursion to the beach 

  • Mindset-Workshop 

  • Ritual & Ceremony 




Part in DOUBLE ROOM with shared shower/WC
£ 395  

SINGLE Occupancy with shared shower/WC 

£ 595

** Early Bird Prices after 15 Feb Prices will rise.

Photo 10-07-2022, 17 26 17.jpg


To inquire or any questions please contact Ebba 



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