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The Wilderness Retreat 

A Place to just BE...

The Wilderness Retreat 


Need a break from society? Crave nature and peace? Feel an urge to go back to basic?

The Wilderness Retreat is located in the deep forest of Småland, 15 km from Växjö. We live without any running water or electricity, completely surrounded by nature, no neighbours, just by a big lake we co-exist with the wilderness in a sustainable, creative and fun way. "The Wilderness Retreat" is all about reconnecting with nature - and yourself... 


We Offer 


We offer Lodging, Yoga, Meditation, Healing, Massage, Retreats, Fishing, Forest school activities and cray fishing when season is right.


We can also help to organise party's, weddings and kick offs to your liking! 

If you like to rent the whole premises for yourself please get in touch for availability & price. You can stay all year around however summer time is easier to live this way of life! There is a cozy wooden cabin, and two small houses that fit 10 people in total. Our big and beautifully decorated "creative barn" where only imagination is the limit! 

A magical place

Completely surrounded by nature, a lake and NO neighbors without electricity and running water this is an untouched heaven for stressed minds.  

Contact Us

+44 7885437072

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